Hi there, I'm Lincoln Gbenga 👋

An Experienced Web Developer & Designer Based In Italy, ExpressionEngine CMS Expert.

A creative guy who has been converting ideas, user and business needs into online 'reality' for over fifteen years. Helping people and brands reach their goals by designing & building user-centric digital products and interactive experiences.

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name: 'Lincoln Gbenga Olagbaju',

interests: 'Traveling', 'Soccer - Juventus FC',

website: 'https://lincolnpixel.com',



ExpressionEngine CMS development services.

Want to learn more about using ExpressionEngine for your next web project? I'm happy to make recommendations and provide estimates, or maybe you simply need advice on whether ExpressionEngine CMS is the right fit for your project? I have the expertise and knowledge to get your site on the right track!

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Easily manage your content with the most secure, open source CMS.

  • ExpressionEngine website setup and development
  • Migrating from WordPress to ExpressionEngine
  • Convert existing websites into an ExpressionEngine CMS installation
  • Third party integration and add-ons
  • Highly secured and comprehensive design control
  • Upgrade existing ExpressionEngine sites to the latest software version. (Including EE1.x through to EE5.x Upgrades).
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation for ExpressionEngine based sites (including Page SEO creation).
  • Provide Hosting for Expression Engine based websites.
  • Support & Maintenance Services
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Websites & Custom App solutions which are visually pleasing, user-centric and easy to use.

Hydrapac Italia

Improved user experience for an Hydraulic Systems Company

<h4>Improved user experience for an Hydraulic Systems Company</h4>

Nigerian Embassy - Rome

Prioritized information for a Government Website

<h4>Prioritized information for a Government Website</h4>


Custom E-commerce Solution

<h4>Custom E-commerce Solution</h4>

Franky Dj



Balbus Uk

Seta Sushi Labs



Italian Red Wine

<p>Italian Red Wine</p>

ExpressionEngine CMS Developer Based in Italy

I develop ExpressionEngine CMS bespoke websites and web applications for design agencies, marketing agencies, and companies who use ExpressionEngine for their internal and external sites.


If you're in need of a freelance web developer or have an exciting opportunity or partnership to discuss, please get in touch.

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+39 388 - 8722948